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RPL InitialMulti Rotor & Aeroplane

  • Undertake your Commercial drone Pilot License with us.
  • Collaborate with a training school which boasts industry leading experience
  • We provide both theoretical and practical flight training at our class-leading training facility conveniently located near Centurion
  • We cater for both Aeroplane and Multi-Rotor categories.
  • Inhouse examiners are ready to assist you with all testing and competency actions.
  • We'll handle your SACAA initial application through to your license issuance.
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B-VLOSBeyond Visual Line Of Sight

Fly far. Go Far.

  • Brace yourself for the future of RPAS flight management and control
  • The B-VLOS course is your entry into the exciting realm of long-distance flying. Our course encompasses everything from critical system considerations to meteorological insights when operating a lil more remotely
  • All persons who hold an RPL are eligible for course entry.

Instructor RatingMulti-Rotor Aeroplane

Teach the teachables

  • Harness your teaching passion for the greater good.
  • Carve out a niche career in the training space.
  • With your RPL in hand, sign up for our 8 day theory course + patter course and be the master of your (teaching) destiny.

RPL Renewals

Renew with confidence

  • Looking to conduct a value added renewal?
  • We have packaged a comprehensive theory and flight skill program for you.
  • Increase your knowledge and operational acumen.
Start your 24 month cycle Strong!

Practical CoursesNight Flying, Radio-Telephony, Controlled Airspace

  • Learn the intricacies associated with flying at night
  • Enroll for the 2-day ground-school and practical flight training and own your night vision superpowers.
  • Complete both your RT proficiency training and testing with us in 2 days. Now we’re talking
  • Our 1 day course will remove the fear of speaking to the ATSU pros. We make dialogue easy.
  • Our instructors hold real-world controlled airspace experience for your benefit.

Special CONOPSTechnical Development

Let us validate your idea

  • Defining and developing a working operational model is hard enough. Let us optimize your operational canvas and develop the associated crew operating procedures for your speciliased needs.
  • Utilize our purpose-built facility to put the operational theory into practice.

InhouseDesignated Examiners

We Check You

  • Our two inhouse DRE’s are conveniently located and ready to conduct all your recency, renewals and initial checks.
  • Udrako Aviation enjoys flexible test day scheduling and is cleared to assess both MR + A categories

Complex System TrainingPurpose Built Flight Facility

Know How

This training prepares you for both the burgeoning and future evolution of complex mission operations

  • Multi-Crew RPAS Competency Training
  • Complex large-scale direct-link aircraft flight training
  • Internal Combustion Theory & Practical Training
  • Advanced Flight Principals Ground School Training